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    The Avengers are assembling on Forums. Nothing else needs to be said

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    Chess is fun. Share your notes. Play with fellow club members. Chess is fun.

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    This is a remake of a club, of which I and Rat where the sole members of, that was sadly deleted, along with my old account (RIP)

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    The hobby itself has been harder to get into with recent years but it is a wonderful one at that. With the releases of the NES & SNES Classic Editions it has been easier to start the journey but the harder part is with the systems and games. The older ones like the NES are becoming harder to find in good condition. And the games seem to increase in price with each consecutive year,While I feel these games are still worth their asking price when will they get to be too expensive to collect? And that is kinda why I am here. I want to talk about collecting itself, And how to get into it. And I hope you join me on this discussion about retro games!

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    Not to sure if forums took a shit, or we wiped it on purpose, but I was asked if I am going to remake this bucket of cancer, and now I am thinking why not? So come join me in my tales of memery. Also you have all been promoted from fan to fellow shit poster.
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    This is a group of people who test stuff for Frosty Gamers.

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    The place for anime, manga, and all other important details relating to waifus.

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    Come one, come all! Join my cult.. I mean "club"