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  5. Man I'm glad no one uses forums and sees it's my birthday smh.

  6. hyattzero37

    Zero Helper App

    Name: hyattzero37 Steamid: Zero Age: 17 In game hours: mine have been reset but I've been playing on FG for about 2 years now private said he can vouch for me Time zone: CST Active times: More twards the night 6pm+ but i am able to play almost 24/7 Donator: no Staff experence: in csgo playing as staff but not ttt Microphone: yes Motive: I've wanted to join for 2+ years now, and im friends with most staff so I've reported toxic playes (just today also) I've helped new players but you should choose me so we can have more active staff/mod/helpers, and im good at controlling toxic people and i follow the rules hobbies: playing with private umbreion additional comments: please?
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