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    TTT Server Update As of 3/11/19, the TTT server has had 2 new things added to the server. TFA Weapons These weapons add much more to the server and help make us more unique. The default inspect key is set to "i" You can change this by typing in the console "bind t(this can be any key you want) tfa_menu" For example bind g inspect binds g to you become your new inspection menu key A reminder that many weapons still need to go through some testing so some may be unbalanced. If you find a weapon you feel is unbalanced please post it in the Trouble In Terrorist Town Server Discussion section. All VIP weapons are only cosmetic they are identical to their normal counterparts. For Example, The M4A1 Flash is the exact same as the M4A1 Tan and M4A1 except for the attachment of a sight which is shares with the M4A1 Tan. This also means new melee weapons which include knives and heavier weapons such as a crowbar and a wrench This means KNIVES ARE NOT KOSABLE ANYMORE. There are two categories of melee weapons Heavy This includes items such as the wrench, harpoon, crowbar, and toy hammer, along with some others. These do higher damage than the knives but also swing slower. Knives These swing fast but do somewhat less damage than their heavier counterparts. The Harpoon has been fixed and improved It now shows that you were killed by a harpoon and who killed you It does not leave DNA It does a guaranteed 100 damage and that damage increases based on the speed of the harpoon With these done though Point Shop has also been wiped. If you have donated please DM me, Chocolateya, or Dev-Senpai for your points back THIS ONLY APPLIES TO DONATOR POINTS VIP will get 5000 points MVP will get 10000 points Frost will get 15000 points You will sadly not get any of the items back that you have previously purchased so do not ask for them back This is all that has been updated for right now I hope you enjoy the new changes and I would like to give my thanks to everyone that helped bring these changes about. But a very special thanks goes to Derpyolflash and lukerrose. lukerrose is the very reason that TFA was made possible and designed the PointShop 2 menu for them. Derpyolflash helped me balance the weapons and gave thoughtful insight on how they should be handled. So please give them your thanks if you enjoy the new TFA guns.
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