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    Name: hyattzero37 Steamid: Zero Age: 17 In game hours: mine have been reset but I've been playing on FG for about 2 years now private said he can vouch for me Time zone: CST Active times: More twards the night 6pm+ but i am able to play almost 24/7 Donator: no Staff experence: in csgo playing as staff but not ttt Microphone: yes Motive: I've wanted to join for 2+ years now, and im friends with most staff so I've reported toxic playes (just today also) I've helped new players but you should choose me so we can have more active staff/mod/helpers, and im good at controlling toxic people and i follow the rules hobbies: playing with private umbreion additional comments: please?
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    Hey everyone, I've recently founded and registered a military-simulation unit for ArmA 3 -- Recon Actual. With permission from [REDACTED], I'm officially announcing the Regiment to be open to all members of Frosty's, as well as the general public. What MILSIM is About ArmA 3's MILSIM community is centered on creating a cooperative, engaging environment for players hoping to experience realistic and covert operations firsthand. With mods like ACE 3, members of a registered ArmA unit are able to partake in clandestine missions with players all around the globe. Service-members of a unit are also able to get a taste of military life, complete with their own ranks and commendations, depending on how serious the unit may be. The Mission In the case for The 1st Reconnaissance Regiment, also known as First Recon or Recon Actual, the unit's foundation will be based on semi-serious roleplay and organized special operations; members will automatically receive the rank of E-4, Specialist, upon acceptance into the SOF unit, and will partake in covert actions alongside their fellow team members in cooperative missions. All operations are aimed to be executed seriously, with the organization of NCO's and CO's, in order to provide our members with the best MILSIM experience possible. Additionally, The Regiment recruits players from all backgrounds, regardless of your experience in MILSIM or ArmA 3. Service-members of any U.S or NATO-affiliated armed services (currently enlisted or honorably discharged) are also welcome to join. The operation of the unit is intended to be tactical and realistic, while remaining true to the traditional ArmA experience. First Recon will be operating with a wide variety of missions, ranging from deep reconnaissance and observation, to direct action, hostage rescue, and counter-terrorism. If you are an avid ArmA 3 player, or have always desired to live out your 'special operator dream' in a relaxed and focused roleplay environment, First Recon would love to have you. For more information on First Recon's proceedings and expectations, feel free to visit the Regiment's unit page here: https://units.arma3.com/unit/firstrecon. From there, you'll be able to request to join the unit and officially begin your special operations career. See you in the field.
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