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    Add the crossbow into the point shop.
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    MVP and VIP giveaway!!! On the release of the new forums, we are doing a giveaway!!! 3 names will be picked for MVP and VIP 1 MVP and 2 VIPs are being given away!!! How to enter: Leave your SteamID If you already have either of them, you may choose to give it to someone else that does not have it. The numbers will be randomly selected depending. If you are the first to post, you are number 1, if you are the 5th person to post you are number 5, and so on. Good luck to you all!!! If you are staff and you get VIP you will be asked to give it away to someone else!!!
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    Give me that MVP Boys! STEAM_0:0:63931366
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    Well, this is my third first post, hopefully they don't delete it again.
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    First huh, that would explain why you are unpopular with the ladies.
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    Name: hyattzero37 Steamid: Zero Age: 17 In game hours: mine have been reset but I've been playing on FG for about 2 years now private said he can vouch for me Time zone: CST Active times: More twards the night 6pm+ but i am able to play almost 24/7 Donator: no Staff experence: in csgo playing as staff but not ttt Microphone: yes Motive: I've wanted to join for 2+ years now, and im friends with most staff so I've reported toxic playes (just today also) I've helped new players but you should choose me so we can have more active staff/mod/helpers, and im good at controlling toxic people and i follow the rules hobbies: playing with private umbreion additional comments: please?
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    Hey everyone, I've recently founded and registered a military-simulation unit for ArmA 3 -- Recon Actual. With permission from [REDACTED], I'm officially announcing the Regiment to be open to all members of Frosty's, as well as the general public. What MILSIM is About ArmA 3's MILSIM community is centered on creating a cooperative, engaging environment for players hoping to experience realistic and covert operations firsthand. With mods like ACE 3, members of a registered ArmA unit are able to partake in clandestine missions with players all around the globe. Service-members of a unit are also able to get a taste of military life, complete with their own ranks and commendations, depending on how serious the unit may be. The Mission In the case for The 1st Reconnaissance Regiment, also known as First Recon or Recon Actual, the unit's foundation will be based on semi-serious roleplay and organized special operations; members will automatically receive the rank of E-4, Specialist, upon acceptance into the SOF unit, and will partake in covert actions alongside their fellow team members in cooperative missions. All operations are aimed to be executed seriously, with the organization of NCO's and CO's, in order to provide our members with the best MILSIM experience possible. Additionally, The Regiment recruits players from all backgrounds, regardless of your experience in MILSIM or ArmA 3. Service-members of any U.S or NATO-affiliated armed services (currently enlisted or honorably discharged) are also welcome to join. The operation of the unit is intended to be tactical and realistic, while remaining true to the traditional ArmA experience. First Recon will be operating with a wide variety of missions, ranging from deep reconnaissance and observation, to direct action, hostage rescue, and counter-terrorism. If you are an avid ArmA 3 player, or have always desired to live out your 'special operator dream' in a relaxed and focused roleplay environment, First Recon would love to have you. For more information on First Recon's proceedings and expectations, feel free to visit the Regiment's unit page here: https://units.arma3.com/unit/firstrecon. From there, you'll be able to request to join the unit and officially begin your special operations career. See you in the field.
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    Your Name: Luke Your Nickname(s): lukerrose Your SteamID: The same ID that is on this account lol Your Age: 16+ Your In-Game Server Hours: More than 3 weeks Time Zone: British Timezone If you have any past experiences as a staff member, please state so with potential references: Yeah... with you guys At what times are you mostly active on the server?: During the day Are you a donator?: Of time and code yes, with actual money well no How experienced are you with staffing? Spent lots of time as super admin Do you use/have a microphone?: I think so What are your motivations for joining the staff team?: Z'Rat said it would be fun How have you helped the community so far? (Have you reported players? Have you taught newbies rules?): I mean other than code addons and some of the web pages and staff it for awhile not really Why should we choose you? (What are you good at? What are you the most efficient at?): I'm pretty cool? What are your hobbies, interests and how do you like spending your time?: If you haven't guessed coding by now then that's pretty bad Do you have any additional comments?: #LoveLuke #LukeIsAlwaysRightSociety #LukeForSuperAdminAgain
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    4/30/2019 Staff Meeting Host: Z'Rat Dev-Senpai Dem0n Rejenald Unknown Void (Moomy) BIGmac Mr.Grape Night_Star Wolfish Announcements Resignations/Demotions Skullcrushr9 Melonkiller Night Star Serial Pancake We are sorry to see them go we wish them the best of luck!! Promotions BIGmac to Admin SIXPAPI to Moderator Zombies to Moderator Other Things If you believe there is an issue that needs fixing, DO NOT SIT ON IT, tell someone and if you get no response to keep asking, we can't fix issues we do not know about. Advisors are handpicked by Head Admin+, the role can be given and taken easily, as an Advisor they still represent the community and if they do not meet expectations set, they will be removed with or without reason.
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    Here's one suggestion for a T-weapon: Homerun Bat - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=648957314 It's just a bat that launches people whenever they're hit with it. It deals damage, but not a considerable amount due to the fact that it already launches people. I thought running around and smacking people away would be a fun way for T's to kill people, especially on maps like Crummy Cradle or Rooftops. It's essentially a melee newton launcher, with a more satisfying aspect. I highly recommend checking its Steam page to see it's full capabilities.
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    Perhaps we could add more recoil to SMGs like the MP5, assault rifles like the F2000, and nerf the fire rate/damage on the M870 (since it does considerable damage mid/long range). I feel like having weapons that are vastly superior in aspects like accuracy, damage, and sight picture (iron sights vs. scope) overshadow other weapons and outmatch newer players that join the server. It could also discourage players from sticking around if they see older players wrecking people with M870 and jumping around with a jumppack being unable to hit them. Custom weapons add variety to the server and makes gameplay more fun, but maybe staff could have a day where we test and re-evaluate weapon stats, preferably late at night when no one is on. I'm free 20 out of 24 hours in a day so I'll be happy to do that with another staff member.
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    TTT Server Update As of 3/11/19, the TTT server has had 2 new things added to the server. TFA Weapons These weapons add much more to the server and help make us more unique. The default inspect key is set to "i" You can change this by typing in the console "bind t(this can be any key you want) tfa_menu" For example bind g inspect binds g to you become your new inspection menu key A reminder that many weapons still need to go through some testing so some may be unbalanced. If you find a weapon you feel is unbalanced please post it in the Trouble In Terrorist Town Server Discussion section. All VIP weapons are only cosmetic they are identical to their normal counterparts. For Example, The M4A1 Flash is the exact same as the M4A1 Tan and M4A1 except for the attachment of a sight which is shares with the M4A1 Tan. This also means new melee weapons which include knives and heavier weapons such as a crowbar and a wrench This means KNIVES ARE NOT KOSABLE ANYMORE. There are two categories of melee weapons Heavy This includes items such as the wrench, harpoon, crowbar, and toy hammer, along with some others. These do higher damage than the knives but also swing slower. Knives These swing fast but do somewhat less damage than their heavier counterparts. The Harpoon has been fixed and improved It now shows that you were killed by a harpoon and who killed you It does not leave DNA It does a guaranteed 100 damage and that damage increases based on the speed of the harpoon With these done though Point Shop has also been wiped. If you have donated please DM me, Chocolateya, or Dev-Senpai for your points back THIS ONLY APPLIES TO DONATOR POINTS VIP will get 5000 points MVP will get 10000 points Frost will get 15000 points You will sadly not get any of the items back that you have previously purchased so do not ask for them back This is all that has been updated for right now I hope you enjoy the new changes and I would like to give my thanks to everyone that helped bring these changes about. But a very special thanks goes to Derpyolflash and lukerrose. lukerrose is the very reason that TFA was made possible and designed the PointShop 2 menu for them. Derpyolflash helped me balance the weapons and gave thoughtful insight on how they should be handled. So please give them your thanks if you enjoy the new TFA guns.
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    Good News Everyone: Starting today we will be entering a partnership/collaboration whatever with our friends at Frosty Gamers UK (FGUK). They are a slightly more professional group, and they have a myriad of bots to share info (IE Steam and xbox stuffs). So please give them some love and as well as @EvilManicBoss#0001 for making this possible. Just remember to be polite and whatnot (and don't forget the timezone difference). discord.gg/WH45ExR
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    I have a few suggestions: Position Swapper - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=822087147 Portal Gun - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=697845903 Homing Pigeon - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=620936792 Turtlenade - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=106404821
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    So there have been a LOT of new things on the TTT server from gun changes to player models to donator stuff. So here are all the changes that have been made: Player Models have been added to both the VIP and Normal shop Crates and Drops have been added to the TTT server as well so maybe you will win some unexpected drops coming soon!!! MVP, VIP, and Frost have all been changed and well Frost has been added. Frost- Wardrobe, Loadout, 15000 Donator Points, Access to Donator Chat on Discord and a 3.2 multipler on points in TTT. Costs 30 dollars. MVP- Vip Point Shop, Loadout, 10000 Donator Points, Access to Donator Chat on Discord and a 2.5 multipler on points in TTT. Costs 20 dollars. VIP- VIP Point Shop, Loadout, 5000 Donator Points, Access to Donator Chat on Discord, 2.2 multiplier on the points in TTT. Costs 10 dollars. ALL FORMER VIPS AND MVPS GET A DISCOUNT ON UPGRADES That means MVPs pay 5 dollars for Frost and VIPs pay 5 dollars for MVP. Weapon Changes There have been a lot so here is the full changelog on them. Satan- RPM Down, Delay Up, Accuracy Increased, Recoil Increased Python- Damage Decreased, Rate of Fire Decreased Deagle- Damage Increased, Rate of Fire Increased BY VERY LITTLE, ADS Accuracy Increased Accuracy decreased by very little Model 3 Russian- Damage Increased, Rate of Fire Decreased, Accuracy Decreased Model 627- Rate of Fire Increased, Accuracy Decreased Raging Bull Scoped- Iron Accuracy Increased, Blind Fire Accuracy Decreased, Rate of Fire Decreased Recoil Increased Raging Bull- Iron Accuracy Increased, Blind Fire Accuracy Decreased, Rate of Fire Decreased MP7- Fire Rate Decreased, Bullet Spread Increased AKA Less Accurate, Iron Sight Accuracy Increased? Remington7615p- Turned into a rifle like its real-world equivalent Browning 5- Rate of Fire Decreased, Accuracy lowered, Recoil increased, Damage Lowered Remington 1858- Headshot multipler decreased, fire rate increased, damage decreased MP9- Accuracy Decreased, Turned into a Secondary M16A4 ACOG- ADS Accuracy Increased? Spas 12- Lower Damage Bizon- Rounds increased max and in clip, accuracy nerfed, damage decreased The Head of PR has now opened staff applications so feel free to apply to help her out!!!
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    Dont know if I technically have it but I'll give it a go.
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    1/20/2019 Staff Meeting Changelog THERE IS IMPORTANT THINGS DISCUSSED I RECOMMEND YOU READ THEM!!! ALL OF THEM -The first thing, a new donator rank is being added all MVPs on the Discord Server will get it for free and all VIPs will be moved to MVP. The new donator rank will cost 30 dollars if any former MVP joins the discord between now and Wednesday you will also get it for free. Any MVP will get it for 5 dollars from then on and any VIP can upgrade to MVP or Frostbite/the new donator rank for the price difference that you bought VIP or MVP for, so VIPs will pay 10 for Frostbite and MVPs will pay 5, VIPs can, however, pay 5 for MVP. -ALSO if you have made your account with Steam PLEASE add a password and email to your account because it will make everything easier on all of us, look in the help chat to see the resolution on how to do that. -Head of Forums is no longer but the new Head of Development has been added which is led by Chase88 so welcome Chase to the Department Heads!!! -Also please join our new steam group it is on the Forums!!! -Community Coordinator has been renamed to Head of Staff to make it more understandable what the role does and what it is. -Server suggestions will be looked at and a Forums post should be posted soon on the new servers we could branch off into. -M9K weapons are still going through rebalancing if you feel one is OP please DM me, Dev, or Chocolateya and it will be looked at. IMPORTANT!!! -If you guys were on the old Frosty's Discord(which we discourage you from staying in) you may have seen a message regarding Jason attacking me. This is probably due to me pushing for his demotion and I will make this clear. EVERY HEAD KNEW of his inactivity and all said he should be demoted. When the Sadmin meeting happened, Me, Skullcrushr9, Dev, MooMooTree13, and lukerrose all said yes to his demotion for inactivity it was a unanimous decision for his demotion. -All rules and applications will be getting overhauled or changed or fixed in some way. -Frosty's morals are also going to be reevaluated to what we think we should be known for and what we should follow. IMPORTANT!!! -Now for the probably most important topic, if you were on the Discord the day of this posting you might have seen the message Santos posted. It said, "This is truthfully a disgrace." The order by Dev was to treat Santos with respect should he join, yet he came into the community and insulted us which we would leave alone. However, he has threatened the server to multiple staff, insulted our work as a group, and attacked multiple of us and he will no longer be accepted into the community. He is to be banned on every platform. If you have any questions do not be afraid to DM me OR Wolf and one of us will talk about it. There is a full open communication to this issue as it is a MAJOR one. PROMOTIONS Bee Private Umbreon Night_Star Esspresso Just One...
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    I really don't like cheese it turns me off.
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    Ew it is Chase88, can we get a ban for him?
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    First off I would like to say thank you to both Chase and Chocolateya for everything they have done for the community, with that said not much will change in a way. Chase is still a developer and will still be a part of the community as will Choco. Chocolateya has been made an advisor and will still be around. With this, I will be taking over managing the Forums so any problems please ask my staff if they can help before me specifically DerpyolFlash. Head of Development as of right now is inactive, it will either be removed, vacant, or made into a new department. Head of TerrorTown will remain vacant until a vote is held. For right now Dev-Senpai is leading the department. Admins+ can apply and will be voted on. Once I again I would like to thank both Chocolateya and Chase for being a great help to the community and helping us move forward!!!
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    I think it's about time
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