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  1. darius

    Arma 3: Recon Actual

    Hey everyone, I've recently founded and registered a military-simulation unit for ArmA 3 -- Recon Actual. With permission from [REDACTED], I'm officially announcing the Regiment to be open to all members of Frosty's, as well as the general public. What MILSIM is About ArmA 3's MILSIM community is centered on creating a cooperative, engaging environment for players hoping to experience realistic and covert operations firsthand. With mods like ACE 3, members of a registered ArmA unit are able to partake in clandestine missions with players all around the globe. Service-members of a unit are also able to get a taste of military life, complete with their own ranks and commendations, depending on how serious the unit may be. The Mission In the case for The 1st Reconnaissance Regiment, also known as First Recon or Recon Actual, the unit's foundation will be based on semi-serious roleplay and organized special operations; members will automatically receive the rank of E-4, Specialist, upon acceptance into the SOF unit, and will partake in covert actions alongside their fellow team members in cooperative missions. All operations are aimed to be executed seriously, with the organization of NCO's and CO's, in order to provide our members with the best MILSIM experience possible. Additionally, The Regiment recruits players from all backgrounds, regardless of your experience in MILSIM or ArmA 3. Service-members of any U.S or NATO-affiliated armed services (currently enlisted or honorably discharged) are also welcome to join. The operation of the unit is intended to be tactical and realistic, while remaining true to the traditional ArmA experience. First Recon will be operating with a wide variety of missions, ranging from deep reconnaissance and observation, to direct action, hostage rescue, and counter-terrorism. If you are an avid ArmA 3 player, or have always desired to live out your 'special operator dream' in a relaxed and focused roleplay environment, First Recon would love to have you. For more information on First Recon's proceedings and expectations, feel free to visit the Regiment's unit page here: https://units.arma3.com/unit/firstrecon. From there, you'll be able to request to join the unit and officially begin your special operations career. See you in the field.
  2. 09/27/2019 Staff Meeting Attending: Z'Rat (Host) Demon Darius (SIXPAPI) Rejenald Unknown Void Ranger Mr. Grape Zombies Affairs Discussed The main affairs discussed related to changes to our Staff Team and project development. Here are the current changes discussed: The following members have been demoted: Rejenald Unknown has been demoted to Superadmin, due to the cancellation of Prop Hunt P0sition has been removed from the Team due to inactivity. Big Mac has been removed from the Team due to inactivity. Stevenfinite has been removed from the Team due to inactivity. Development on a new TTT server is currently in progress by Lukerrose Features include: New Roles (Jester) CSS Weapons Vanilla+ The current responsibilities of Manager of TTT will be handled by Z'Rat and Lukerrose. Candidates from the Staff Team will be decided later on in the future. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The launch of our two new projects, TTT 2.0 and Minecraft, will have the aim of kickstarting the community once again. Changes to projects and development cycles will be more cohesive, and we are excited to move forward in the future.
  3. what if we kissed 😫 at midnight 🙈

  4. darius

    July 25, 2019 Staff Meeting

    07/25/2019 Staff Meeting Attending: Z'Rat (Host) Dev Darius (SIXPAPI) Rejenald Unknown Void Ranger Mr. Grape Perfect Ping Affairs Discussed Our DarkRP server, Frosty RP, has been officially announced, and will launch within the following days. Darius has been promoted to Head of DarkRP. Inactive staff head, members, and non-attending staff will be talked to. Head of Discord and other responsibilities are still under Z'Rat's jurisdiction until further notice. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. darius

    July 2, 2019 Staff Meeting

    6/02/2019 Staff Meeting Attending: Z'Rat (Host) Dem0n p0sition Darius (SIXPAPI) Rejenald Unknown Void Ehspresso Mr. Grape Perfect Ping Stevenfinite NightWolf Affairs Discussed Derpyolflash, better known as D.A.C, has been permanently banned from the community for gross abuse of power. In an argument, he inappropriately banned two community members and one staff member from the community's Discord, in front of the Head of Staff, Z'Rat. Under the guise of a "temporary ban" for these members, and leaving immediately after his mis-usage of power, D.A.C deliberately avoided the direct repercussions of his actions. He was revoked of his position after a board decision, and later banned after discovery of him deleting server files and sabotaging the functions of TTT, PH, and DarkRP, purposeful or otherwise. TTT, Prop Hunt, and DarkRP are down for the time being. The community's developers and executive staff are working towards repairing all services. All of D.A.C's responsibilities are temporarily given to Z'Rat, until further notice. Head of Discord and other responsibilities are vacant until further notice. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Despite recent events, the Frosty community will remain adamant in its recovery. The memories and friendships formed here will remain, and regardless of the actions of one member, the consequences of one mistake, or the error of one lapse in judgment, we will recover. Frosty Gaming is still a community that stands on a foundation of casual fun, friends, and absurdity, and no matter what stands in the way of that, our community will still be here.
  6. darius

    Frosty's RP MOTD

    Welcome to Frosty's Roleplay! We’re lucky to have you here! Before playing, please take a moment to look at our rules. If you have any questions about the rules, type !motd in chat to refer back to them at anytime. GENERAL RULES Be respectful to all players out-of-character. Any threats or intent to harm other players in the community or the server will result in a permanent ban. Do not complain about staffing decisions in game or in global chat. Appeals or reports can be made on the forums. Do not spam anything of any kind. Avoiding punishments by any means is forbidden. A staff member has final say on all rule interpretations including those not explicitly stated in the rules. Anyone caught baiting or encouraging others to violate rules will have an equal or greater punishment to the rule violation. GOLDEN RULE: USE COMMON SENSE! This server uses in-depth addons, like VCMod and Customizable Weapons. Please scroll to the bottom of the MOTD to see all features Frosty RP has to offer, such as vehicle repairs, radios, refueling, weapon attachments and more! FROSTY'S RP RULES Random Death Match (RDM) Players directly harming your life, property and/or freedom may be killed without warning. Raids and hits can be completed by killing without warning. All other cases require a 10s+ second warning including a clear set of instructions delivered through typed chat and the 10s+ time for validity. It is the full responsibility of the warning originator to ensure all intended targets are aware of the warning outside the vicinity of their base should they ask in chat. You can grant custom "everyone" warnings on your own leisure, but within relation to your role and rules. "Everyone" Warnings regarding RDM, FailRP, or other rule-breaking are not allowed. The consequence of the warning does not have to be detailed, all valid warnings are automatically a threat excluding 10 second demote warnings. Ex: "Leave or die, you have 10 seconds!" If the receiving target of a warning and/or inciting action shows hostile intent OR ignorance of the instruction (2 second leisure), such as brandishing a weapon/red baton in response, escaping, etc. then action can be made instant. Examples of Inciting Actions: Stunsticking, Mugging, Pimp Slapping, Kidnapping, Tazing, Wanting, Damaging, etc. The mayor may not be killed during Mayor Grace period for any reason. Mayor's Grace is voided by the Mayor executing anything RP related beyond default RP actions (like default laws upon Mayor spawn). You may not camp the mayors office during his grace period with the purpose of killing him afterwards. Spawn-killing/spawn-camping is not allowed. Random Arrest (RDA) Players using a Government class randomly handcuffing and arresting, stunning, or harassing other players for false infractions is not allowed. Arrests must be verbally stated through voice or text chat. Running away from an officer attempting to handcuff you is classified as evading arrest, and is KOSable. If a Government class is falsely attempting to arrest you, let the arrest happen and report the RDA using "@ [message]." Players may run away from someone attempting to falsely arrest them, but it may result in a KOS. If you believe the arrest attempt was wrongful, report the incident using the chat command above. Only Government and Staff classes are able to arrest players. New Life Rule (NLR) Once a player spawns in, they are a new character. This means that all friends RP related to that character, money printers, properties, and other possessions are restricted to that character's current life. If a player dies, they respawn as a new character, with a new life. Players can not metagame (see Metagaming). Players are not allowed to return to the area where they died in their previous life for 8 minutes. Such situations include: Raids Muggings Accidents (i.e hit by a car or dying from fall damage) In the case of bank robberies, NLR is reduced to 2 minutes for all parties. Players are able to walk past the area they previously died in, if that area is near spawn and unavoidable. Metagaming Your character may not use information beyond its knowledge and beyond its current life. This includes but is not limited to any form of revenge killing, warrant, wanting, or demoting. FailRP You must play on the server according to your role's description and common sense. For example: Police, S.W.A.T, Special Forces, and other Government classes must uphold the law. No corruption is allowed. Gun Dealers must sell weapons, not hoard them for personal use. The same logic goes for all vendor classes. Classes with no hands are not able to wield guns. (i.e Roomba). Pets and Guard Dogs are able to drive vehicles, for sake. There are some exceptions. For instance, Pets do not have to bark in voice chat. Players do not have to be in character all the time. However, jobs must be played properly in terms of roleplay. Follow the server's Golden Rule: Use Common Sense. Props and Entities Prop/Entity/Door spamming, blocking, climbing, surfing, and minging altogether is not allowed. Do not spawn props/move props inside of/on top of other players’ property, do not do it during raids, and do not do it during an event. Players can not spawn props near or inside of spawn, nor build in the 2 adjacent streets near city hall. The No-Build Zone ends at the Bank of America sign in front of the Bank's parking lot. The spawning of props that are from different games is prohibited. Basing and Building You may have a textscreen building sign to isolate and protect yourself from the RP world provided you do not have any raidables, and you are not engaging in role-play. It must be removed when you are finished. Call staff if you are being tampered with to the point where you cannot physically build. The maximum amount of fading doors per base is 3. Each fading door must be linked to a keypad. One-way walls are allowed, as long as they are used in observational capacity and not utilized to shoot at other players. Bases cannot force players to crouch, jump, crouch jump or precision walk at any point. Fading bridges and sky-bases are not allowed. Base entrances, as well as the overall inner layout, must be absolutely clear and concise. (i.e Mazes, Traps [if non-hostage taker], Puzzles, Hidden Keypads, etc.) You may not build anywhere in the vicinity of the main point in front of spawn or the immediate sidewalks directly adjacent the spawn entrances/exits. Building pointlessly large bases or other RP-restricting structures will result in them being removed. Ex: houses with no purpose, buildings with no purpose, minge builds, etc. You cannot trap people or force anyone to pay a toll to exit an obstruction if you are not a role that can take hostages. KOS Lines You may have a textscreen indicating where players will start trespassing on your property. Upon crossing your established boundary, you may KOS any players crossing it without your express permission. KOS Lines must be within the premises of your base/property, and must be visible to other players. They can not be excessively small, and must be readable upon first glance. State that a player is trespassing, whether it is through voice or text chat, and provide a 5 second warning before attempting to kill them. KOS Lines are not allowed to be placed on public streets, sidewalks, or in areas that are not explicitly owned by you. Only the owner of the property and those RP Related to the owner are able place the KOS Line. Other players can not place KOS Lines on their behalf, and without the permission of the owner(s). RP Relation Ways to be RP related: Job/Class – This takes precedence over all other RP relation. You must also follow all class rules before considering RP relation. Owning the same base – You may only protect those within the vicinity of your base. This also applies to hotels and all tenants within, every tenant shares ownership of the hotel along with the Manager. Hired/Working Together – You must be either hired through F4, or have your job name set as: /job "with person here*" or any name that indicates you've been hired or working with them. Customer Relationship – Whilst performing your transaction you have RP relation with your customer. (This is especially useful in the event your store and/or customer is mugged). You are free to protect players, along with their property, that you have an RP relationship with. RP Relation via job name must be completed both ways to be valid. Raiding and Mugging You and those RP related with you must wait 10 minutes before performing these actions on the same person and/or base. This does not apply to Police Officers re-raiding bases for illegal infractions or players raiding out of jail by means of escaping. Mugging Maximum: $2,000 Must grant victims 10 seconds to oblige unless they are actively escaping, in which you can KOS them. Any signs of hostile intent from the victim (including taking out/switching to weaponry) is KOS. You may not mug groups. Ex. of Mugging: "Drop 1k or die, you have 10 seconds." Raiding You may only occupy a raid for 10 minutes. Once you’ve completed your raid, you must leave immediately. You may not raid any base or building under construction, labelled by a "Building" textscreen. Dying during a raid, coming back, and re-entering absolutely any part of the raid area is disallowed, as well as attempting to contribute to the success or failure of said raid from outside of it. You must be a raiding class to assist in any form of raid. Destroying entities is not considered raiding. Anyone is KOS in the base/area being raided. Leaving the raid area at any point during the raid ends your raid participation, with the exception of leaving to deal with someone directly related to the base. You may raid checkpoints. Kidnapping Ransom cannot exceed $50,000. Zip-tying or purchasing a hostage classifies it as your own property and they are raidables when left in your base. Only kidnapping classes may advertise (PM, Voice, Ad, Yell, and Chat) the sale of hostages, a.k.a ransom. Only kidnapping classes may trap players in their base and/or constructions. If your hostage struggles out and attempts to clearly escape, you may KOS them. If you witness someone attempt to free your hostage they are also KOS. As a hostage, you may KOS the kidnapper, the person owning the props holding you, and anyone related until you successfully escape the facility/building/prop construction. Traffic Laws & Vehicle Rules This server uses VCMod. Please scroll to the bottom of the MOTD to see all vehicle features Frosty RP has to offer, such as vehicle repairs, radios, refueling, and more! Players do not have to obey Traffic Laws as you would on a real street, but must follow the Three Road Rules: Stay on the road. Don't hit pedestrians. Don't speed excessively. Breaking any of the Three Road Rules are punishable by AOS from Police and other Government Jobs. Using vehicles to RDM or create havoc in the server will be met with staff intervention. The Three Road Rules are permanent, and may not be altered by the current Mayor. If you see an unowned vehicle, please return the vehicle to the nearest car dealer. Stealing other players' vehicles is allowed after adverting, and players found using a car that was bought by another person without their express permission will be met with Police intervention. Police are able to stop cars with drivers that are not the owner of that vehicle. Running away from a traffic stop is automatically AOS. Players may ransom your car, so be lock your car doors after exiting your vehicle. Ransoms must be stated using adverts. You may not go to a car dealer and force your vehicle to be towed back to you in order to avoid a ransom. Doing so is FailRP, and will result in staff intervention. Vehicles take damage. Purposefully hitting other players cars to damage them, or obstructing and causing havoc on public roads is not allowed. Some situations will require staff intervention to remove a driver from the car. For example, drivers that are RDMing with their cars or someone sitting AFK in a stolen car. You can use your car for self-defense (i.e running over an attacker shooting at you, fleeing a carjacking, etc.). You can NOT utilize your car for offense in open combat. For example, using your car to run over police officers in a war, or buying a car to hit attackers raiding your base. This is due to the invulnerability players get when sitting in vehicles. Players can still die, but damage is nerfed drastically as a result of Garry's Mod game engine. You may run to your car to flee a firefight in open combat, but usage of vehicles in combat is restricted to escaping purposes. Players may not materialize their cars to be invisible, transparent, or to have any obnoxious or distracting skins. You may also paste 'bind f9 "+vehicles_radio_gui"' into console to enable the Radio UI when you are in a vehicle. Press and hold F11 to access it once you have enabled the console command. Paste 'bind f10 "vehicles_radio_turnoff"' into console to bind your F10 key to turn off your car's radio. Frosty's RP is a casual RP server. However, these rules are in place to prevent chaos on the road and to keep our players' in-game experience enjoyable. Please follow them with the best of your ability. CLASS RULES Every class has their RP relation, ability to raid, ability to mug, and ability to take hostages listed on their descriptions. All classes are subject to the aforementioned RP rules, and players must follow common sense. Demotions Demotions are only for people who fail to satisfy the objectives of a certain job or Cops displaying corrupt behavior. Unique scenarios for demotion may be provided in the class rules below. If a staff member is online, do not demote for server rule violations. Common scenarios for demotion include: Government Classes violating custom laws. However, they can be immune to laws and hierarchy whenever they may prohibit them from performing their duties. Mayor setting laws that give special treatment to a particular person or group (excluding Government). Mayor receiving payment for law changes. Government Classes receiving bribes of any kind. Government Classes refusing to enforce the laws. Insubordination (Not obeying lawful orders given by leadership jobs which go beyond just the Police job or displaying clear corruption). Vendor classes refusing to sell. Government Classes In the PD, the Mayor has final say on building defenses. If they waive this right, then it is passed on to the Police Chief. The Mayor can not set laws that allow for rule violations or hinder role-play (including any law that restricts building). The Mayor can not establish jaywalking laws. No joke laws. The Mayor may not run for the next mayor vote if they have switched jobs mid-term. The Mayor and Chief of Police are able to grant gun licenses to players with /givelicense. The Chief of Police and Mayor may decline gun license requests at their discretion. However, the Chief of Police (as well as all Government Classes) may not discriminate against players based on their job, age, voice, skin color of their character, or any other superficial reason that is not related to RP. Government are restricted to RP relation with other government personnel. Police Rules Police must arrest instead of kill after giving a valid 10 second warning. Police may be asked to leave the inside of a base and/or exit legally. Police must only want/warrant an individual off of definite and visible infractions. There are two exceptions: One includes advertisements/textscreens displaying explicit hit, illegal items (C4, Printers, etc.), and/or ransoms. The other is search-warranting the bases of wanted players who are explicitly listed on a door. Police must grant individuals clear warnings in chat or voice during lockdowns. Police may arrest people past the PD lobby, blocking the second lobby/back of PD door, and/or KOS them if they are armed with hostile intent. Police may KOS/AOS absolutely anyone holding weaponry in areas being raided. They may also AOS those bodyblocking entrances/exits in the raidzone. Police may KOS if they are assaulted by all means, except Bugbait. Police may AOS anyone carrying a hostage, and KOS after a 10 second warning. Police may only build checkpoints if authorized by the Mayor's command. The checkpoint must include at lease one free pathway through. Police may not plant evidence or ask others to do so to incriminate players. Weapon-checks and frisks are only to be performed under probable cause. Random acts of search are not allowed. Police cannot raid with criminals. If a player is wanted, the Police must make every attempt to arrest FIRST, unless/until they are armed with hostile intent. Police may do warrant-able "base checks" of wanted individuals whose explicit name appears on the door. If a lockdown has been initiated, Police may arrest players not in shelter within 2 minutes. Do not grief players' props (destroying of props you know will bring you zero value). Police have access to spike strips to stop traffic offenders (or more dangerous offeneers) evading police. Abuse of spike strips will lead to demotion from the job, or even Staff intervention. Secret Service Rules The objective of the Mayor's Secret Service is to protect the Mayor. Secret Service may AOS low-level threats to the Mayor's security. For instance, citizens trespassing in the Mayor's office or Police Station, or suspicious hitmen lurking near the Mayor's location. Secret Service may KOS high-level threats to the Mayor's security. Ex: Thieves attempting to break into the Police Station or Mayor's Office, or citizens shooting at/brandishing weapons in the Mayor's vicinity. Secret Service may NOT patrol on the beat or wander the streets in search of lawbreakers. The responsibility of the Mayor’s Secret Service is to survey, analyze, and neutralize threats to the Mayor’s safety, and to stay with the Mayor at ALL TIMES. Paramedic Rules Paramedics are the server’s First Emergency Responders, they may not deny treatment to any or all players, and must follow the code of ethics a real-life medical professional would use. Paramedics may not carry weapons without obtaining a weapons’ license. Paramedics may not engage in combat unless being directly threatened. Paramedics can not charge for healing. Paramedics are neutral players. Siding with groups of players or exclusively healing certain players is not allowed. Healing must be done quickly and efficiently, as Paramedics are First Responders. Criminal Classes All Criminal Classes are subject to all RP Rules. If you are a raiding/mugging class, you must give a 10 second advert warning in chat, as stated in Raiding and Mugging rules. Leaders of Criminal Classes may advert ‘WAR’ against Police or any other groups of classes (i.e Anarchists, Thieves, Hitmen), with a stated reason in advert. Ex: “WAR against all Hitmen for 10 min - Killed our members multiple times." Hitmen Rules Hitmen may raid to kill a target entrenched in a base or building, but may not steal valuables or raidables. A player can set their own hit prices using /hitprice. Hitmen must advert if a hit is accepted before killing their target. Hitmen must advert if a hit has been completed or failed, to signal that the hit is over. Failed hits on the Mayor have a 5 minute cooldown per hitman. Hitmen may not mug, as the role is a specialized assassin. Hitmen are subject to AOS/KOS if caught in the middle of a hit by Police. Successful hits have a 5 minute cooldown per player, to prevent hit-spam. Hitmen may collaborate with other hitmen to kill a target and become RP related. The bounty for that target must be divided amongst all contributing hitmen. Hitmen may not participate in raids without a target being in the raided area. Master Assassins are subject to these rules. Thieves Rules Thieves may mug and raid, with a 10+ second warning advert, as per the Raiding and Mugging rules. Successful raids have a 10 minute cooldown per base/building. Successful muggings have a 10 minute cooldown per victim. Thieves may collaborate with other thieves to raid or mug and become RP related, but the score must be divided amongst all contributing thieves. Thieves are subject to AOS/KOS if caught in the midst of illegal activity by Police, Security Guards, or players being raided or attacked by them. Thieves are not able to steal other players' cars, as iterated under Traffic Laws and Vehicle Rules . Thieves may not complete hits. Thieves are able to rob the city's bank, as long as there is one Bank Protection job or one Police job active on the server at the time. The NLR for bank robberies is 2 minutes for all parties involved, instead of the full 8. If the player that initiates the bank robbery event dies during the raid, the robbery automatically ends. Master Thieves are subject to these rules. Mercenary Rules Mercenaries are designed as security enforcers for criminal classes, similar to Security Guards for non-criminals. Mercenaries may raid or mug, under the direct order of their current employer. They are also subject to the Raiding and Mugging rules. Mercenaries may NOT carry out hits, as Hitmen is already designed for taking contracts from other classes. Mercenaries may collaborate with other Mercenaries and become RP related, as long as they are hired by the same employer. Mercenaries are only subject to AOS/KOS if they are caught doing something illegal, like raiding or mugging. Mercenaries are able to rob the city's bank, as well as accompany other robbers on their heist, as long as all parties are RP related (via hiring, same employers, etc.). Mobs & Anarchists Rules The objective of Mobs is to generate money through illegal activity, such as money printers. Mob classes may raid, and are subject to Raiding rules. Mob classes may base with those RP related to them. Mob classes are able to rob the city's bank. Mob classes & Anarchists are subject to AOS/KOS if caught in the midst of illegal activity by Police, Security Guard, or players being raided or attacked by them. The objective of Anarchists is to cause chaos amongst society. Anarchists may be AOS/KOS if caught performing illegal or dangerous activity. Anarchists may mug and raid, and must follow Raiding and Mugging rules. Anarchists are able to rob the city's bank. Police may not camp at spawn to arrest newly-spawned Anarchists. Anarchist is an active role, so to avoid being arrested or caught committing illegal activity the player must keep moving to cause havoc. Anarchists may base with those RP related to them. Anarchists CAN NOT RDM, FailRP, or break the NLR or server rules in order to disrupt order. They must commit crime in accordance with the rules and their class description. Black Market Dealer Rules Black Market Dealers have access to exclusive, illegal weaponry, including: Rocket launchers Explosives Heavy automatic weapons Black Market Dealers may be AOS only if caught dealing illegal weapons or doing other illegal activity. BM Dealers wandering the streets legally are not AOS. Black Market Dealers can not vendor with Gun Dealers, to avoid confusion on who is distributing illegal weapons. If caught vendoring with Gun Dealers, players are subject to Staff Punishment. BM Dealers can not raid or mug. Meth Manufacturer Rules This server uses Zero's MethLab, an addon that replicates the cooking process of Blue Sky from Breaking Bad. Meth Manufacturers have access to meth labs that are available to spawn for a set price, heavily inspired from Breaking Bad. The legality of meth is dependent on the current Mayor. If the sitting Mayor legalizes all methamphetamines, you may cook without repercussions from Government classes. If there are no laws legalizing meth, all cooking is illegal by default. The process of cooking Meth on Frosty RP is straightforward. Here are the base steps, as described from Zero's FAQ Page: Purchase a Combiner. Add Methylamin. Let the Methylamin cook. Add in Aluminum. Let them mix. Add a Filter to reduce the Lithiumhydridgas in the mixture (adding no Filter reduces the amount of refined Meth cooked, and can cause harm to the player). Wait for the process to finish, producing Meth Sludge. Collect the finished Meth Sludge with Trays, and put them in the Freezer. After freezing, break the Ice and transfer it into Transport Crates. After packing your Meth into Transport Crates, find a hidden Meth Seller located in the City District or Industrial District. There are 3 in the City District, and 2 in the Industrial District. They will assign you a drop-off point to deposit your product and receive money. Drugs have an effect on players when taken, and can poorly constructed Meth can damage players. Police and other Government classes may not camp near Meth Sellers, follow Manufacturers, or harass Manufacturers in order to catch them in the act of cooking without a warrant or want. Police and other Government classes may not camp near drop-off points to arrest Manufacturers. Manufacturers may collaborate with Mob classes and other criminals to base, cook, and sell via RP relation. Failure to distribute profits between all collaborating parties is FailRP. If you have any questions, feel free to visit the creator's addon page for a video depicting the cooking and selling process: https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/zero-s-methlab-drug-script Vendor Classes Vendors are not criminal classes, and may not raid or mug. Gun Dealers can not collaborate with Black Market Dealers. They MUST charge for weapons to prevent all players having weapons for free. Food Dealers are able to sell food to players, to restore health if needed. Vendors may not discriminate or refuse service to players for racial, toxic, or non-RP related reasons (i.e age, voice, skin color of playermodel, etc.). If committed, this is punishable by Staff Management. Bank Protection Bank Protection is responsible for defending the city's vault. They make work with other Bank Protection and Security Guards to protect the bank from Thieves and other raiding classes. Bank Protection is not a criminal class, and may not raid or mug. Bank Protection may not take bribes to let criminals into the bank for the purpose of raiding it. They must perform their duties at actively protecting the bank. Failure to respond to bank raids or helping base in the bank with other Bank Protection is FailRP. Only Bank Protection is allowed to base inside of the bank. They may build any defenses necessary, but are limited to one Fading Door for balance purposes. Please check the NLR, Thieves, and Raiding sections if you have any questions about NLR cooldowns. Miscellaneous Classes Hobos may beg or interact with other players. They may not raid or mug. Hobo leaders may advert war, but can not wield weapons without licenses. Dwarves may not raid or mug. Fight Club Leaders and Fight Club Fighters may base and have legal public matches. Police may not arrest if Fight Club members are not doing anything illegal. The Mayor may not outlaw Fight Club matches. Fights are fist only. No weapons may be involved. Fights may be one-on-one, or team-vs-team, depending on the discretion of the Fight Club Leader. Fights may happen on the streets, but they must be organized by the Fight Club Leader and they must be present. Security Guards may be hired and become RP related to another player. They are then responsible for their employer’s personal safety. They may not carry out hits for their employers, raid for their employer, or mug for their employer. Only Mercenaries are able to commit crimes for their employers, as they are a criminal class. CUSTOMIZABLE WEAPONS 2.0 (C.W) Guide This server utilizes the C.W Weapon Pack, allowing players to customize their weapon attachments and utilities to best suit their RP needs. First, C.W are able to be hipfired, and have a higher quality texture than their base GMod counterparts. Before using these tips, ensure that you are holding your Customizable Weapon in your hand. Here are some things for players to know: Press E + R simultaneously to change your weapon's firing mode from 3-round burst, semi-auto, full-auto, or safety mode, depending on the weapon you are wielding. Press the context menu button (usually C), to access your weapon attachments when you equip your weapon. You are more mobile and harder to hit when using a Customizable Weapon than you are using a base GMod gun. To gain the advantage in a gunfight, use a C.W. C.W are able to penetrate through glass. Keep this in mind to stay alive, and use this information when raiding. The KABAR and other knives are able to be thrown using R. Use the Function Buttons at the top of your keyboard (F1, F2, F3, etc.) to save loadouts and configure different attachment settings. VCMod Main VCMod and Vehicle Features This server uses VCMod, enabling features such as: Destructible vehicles Vehicle HUD display car health, lights, airhorn, etc. Shooting out tires Visible exhaust Lights for emergency and government vehicles Sirens Passenger support (4-door, 2-door, vans, combat vehicles) Car towing for lost cars Cruise Control Vehicle repairs The Drive-By system is included, but is currently being updated, so it will not work for the time being. Vehicles can explode, thus losing all fuel and vehicle parts upon explosion. Do not use exploding vehicles to damage and/or RDM bystanders, unless uses vehicles to defend against a base raid, or for offensive purposes in a combat situation. Do not damage other player's vehicles, unless you are actively engaged in a combat situation with them. In the event of a car accident, you are able to get your car repaired by the Mechanic NPC near the Car Dealer next to spawn. Admins are able to repair vehicles for players in the event of an admin situation or rule breaker damaging your car. Players are able to refill their gas at the gas station near spawn. The station functions as a real-life gas station and you must manually attach the nozzle to your car with the Gravity Gun after purchasing your gas at the kiosk. Players may also access third-person driving by pressing Left CTRL while in a vehicle. You can use your car horn by pressing R while driving. You can press Space to drift. You may also paste 'bind f9 "+vehicles_radio_gui"' into console to enable the Radio UI when you are in a vehicle. Press and hold F11 to access it once you have enabled the console command. Paste 'bind f10 "vehicles_radio_turnoff"' into console to bind your F10 key to turn off your car's radio. Utilize this MOTD to the best of your ability, and stay alive in the war-torn underground and fast-paced lifestyle of Evo City. Please contact staff if you have any questions, or would like to stay involved in the community through our other servers, like TTT. We're glad to have you, and happy gaming! -Darius
  7. darius

    Weapon Suggestions

    I wanted to add another suggestion to give more variety to the sniper options, since the TFA Scout is a pretty abysmal weapon in terms of accuracy and overall "sniperness" compared to the M99 or TRG. The Intervention: https://garrysmods.org/download/6831/madkillers-mw2-intervention-re This particular sniper could act as a replacement for the TFA Scout for those that want a fast-hitting, accurate sniper rifle instead of the heavy-damage, slower sniper rifles available in the P-Shop. I know that we have a similar sniper rifle, the TRG, but I think adding this weapon would add more options for players that wanna snipe. It's a SWEP, so idk if it would work with TFA, but perhaps someone can double check (I'm not even sure if it's a SWEP, I haven't slept in 24 hours so maybe someone can check that as well lol). Here's a vid from the creator showing it in action, along with additional weapons that you may ignore:
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  9. darius

    Weapon Suggestions

    Here's one suggestion for a T-weapon: Homerun Bat - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=648957314 It's just a bat that launches people whenever they're hit with it. It deals damage, but not a considerable amount due to the fact that it already launches people. I thought running around and smacking people away would be a fun way for T's to kill people, especially on maps like Crummy Cradle or Rooftops. It's essentially a melee newton launcher, with a more satisfying aspect. I highly recommend checking its Steam page to see it's full capabilities.
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  11. darius

    Weapon Suggestions

    Perhaps we could add more recoil to SMGs like the MP5, assault rifles like the F2000, and nerf the fire rate/damage on the M870 (since it does considerable damage mid/long range). I feel like having weapons that are vastly superior in aspects like accuracy, damage, and sight picture (iron sights vs. scope) overshadow other weapons and outmatch newer players that join the server. It could also discourage players from sticking around if they see older players wrecking people with M870 and jumping around with a jumppack being unable to hit them. Custom weapons add variety to the server and makes gameplay more fun, but maybe staff could have a day where we test and re-evaluate weapon stats, preferably late at night when no one is on. I'm free 20 out of 24 hours in a day so I'll be happy to do that with another staff member.