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  1. Chase88

    Weapon Suggestions

    We have a test server so we can do it any time of day
  2. Chase88

    Weapon Suggestions

    I was told this was removed as it is broken, hopefully, we can get it back as soon as we fix the bugs it was having.
  3. Chase88

    Website Frosty Update

    The development Team here at Frosty's and I have been busting our butts rolling out updates constantly to our Website, and today I'd like to go over a few of these updates. The Carousel on the homepage has a nicer updated background with a "Parallax effect" on it making it look and feel more 3d. Added the ability to login using your forums account (Username or Password) to other portions of our website, such as the Home Page, Staff Page, and ETC. We added a new Information page which will receive constant Updates explaining how to do things and containing important Information for our community. BRAND NEW DONATION PANEL! (6 MONTHS IN THE MAKING) WE HAVE FINALLY COMPLETED OUR CUSTOM DONATION PANEL! There are many features in this new donation panel, but the main thing is it works with our Forum sync system. And the whole thing is custom coded towards Frosty Gamers, meaning no other community has a system as we do. VIP, MVP, and Frost have all been added to the new Donation Panel ALL FORMER VIPS AND MVPS GET A DISCOUNT ON UPGRADES That means Old MVPs (MVP Legacy) pay 5 dollars for Frost and Old VIPs (VIP Legacy) pay 5 dollars for MVP. Also when you purchase VIP the system will automatically detect this so if you later decide to purchase MVP or Frost it will only cost $10/$20 dollars instead of having to pay the full price Cleaned up a lot of the website making it cleaner and nicer to look at.
  4. Chase88

    Forums Release Giveaway

    Enters his own giveaway STEAM_0:0:102227408
  5. Chase88

    Favorite Kind of Nut

    My favorite type of nut is normal Peanuts.
  6. Chase88

    Whats up my dudes

    Ouch Why yall have to always hit me in the feels
  7. Hi, I am the developer here at Frosty's. I play football and video games and I also like to code, edit videos, do a little bit of graphic design, and etc. Anyways I joined frosty about 6-8ish months ago and shortly after started doing a bunch of free labor. Anyways Welcome to the new forums and if there are any bugs please make sure to DM me!
  8. Chase88

    First! (Again)^2