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  2. Dem0nk1ller5

    4/30/19 Staff Meeting

    4/30/2019 Staff Meeting Host: Z'Rat Dev-Senpai Dem0n Rejenald Unknown Void (Moomy) BIGmac Mr.Grape Night_Star Wolfish Announcements Resignations/Demotions Skullcrushr9 Melonkiller Night Star Serial Pancake We are sorry to see them go we wish them the best of luck!! Promotions BIGmac to Admin SIXPAPI to Moderator Zombies to Moderator Other Things If you believe there is an issue that needs fixing, DO NOT SIT ON IT, tell someone and if you get no response to keep asking, we can't fix issues we do not know about. Advisors are handpicked by Head Admin+, the role can be given and taken easily, as an Advisor they still represent the community and if they do not meet expectations set, they will be removed with or without reason.
  3. Dem0nk1ller5

    4/14/2019 Staff Meeting

    4/14/2019 Staff Meeting Attendance: Host: Z'Rat Dev-Senpai Dem0n Derpy Wolfish Rejenald Unknown Bee BigMac p0sition Lazergaming Night_Star Serial Pancake (Left Early) SIXPAPI Stevenfinite Zombies Big Announcements p0sition has gotten the Manager of TTT position. Rejenald Unknown has become a new Super Admin. Wolfish has resigned his position as Super Admin and has been given the rank of Advisor. There will be a post soon dealing with helpers+ and the expectations of all staff. As well as hopefully a set of scheduled monthly meetings.
  4. Dem0nk1ller5

    3/31/2019 Staff Meeting Changelog

    3/31/2019 Staff Meeting There will soon be a way to anonymously post issues that you have and anything else that you might want to suggest etc. There is now a spot on the Forums for Issues and Updates, this is the only way your issues and updates will be considered and okayed. This is so we have a record of all things changed and all problems. Only limited staff can see that and they will handle it. The Major Change is the structure. There are 3 new roles, Head - Admin, Director of Servers, and Managers of Servers Departments are now not required for staff, we want the people in these positions to care about their job, and we don't feel like forcing people to be in these jobs is a good way at doing that Moderators, Admins, and Super Admins all have been essentially merged with Discord and Forums staff. This means that If you are a moderator you get access to Kick, Mute, and Move Players in the discord. If you are Admin you are able to Kick, Mute, Move, and Ban on the discord, and are able to Lock, Pin, Hide, Feature, Move, and etc. If you are Super Admin you are able to essentially do everything on the discord and forums. Moderator+ are now universal ranks and have limitations placed upon them for how many there can be. We removed the ability to apply for moderators and admins. Players will now be promoted through the ranks. The system for this is run by @Z'Rat, our new Head Admin. This is the new set up! Owner Dev-Senpai Co-Owners Dem0n Chase88 Head Admin Z'Rat The Head Admin's job is to accept and deny Helper Applications and make sure that the staff is doing what they are supposed to do. The Head Admin's job is to also promote users with the discussion of the Managers and D.O.S. Director Of Servers Derpyolflash The Director of Servers job is to make sure all of our servers are running as smoothly as possible. The D.O.S. is also supposed to help the training of Staff. M. TTT lukerrose The Manager of TTT's job is to add new cool things to the TTT server and make sure the server is maintained. Super Admin Promoted here from the talk of The Higher Ups. Admin Promoted here from the talk of The Higher Ups. Moderator Promoted here from the talk of The Higher Ups. T - Mod The transition between Helper and Moderator (2 Weeks) Helper You apply for this position
  5. Dem0nk1ller5

    Department Head Resignations

    First off I would like to say thank you to both Chase and Chocolateya for everything they have done for the community, with that said not much will change in a way. Chase is still a developer and will still be a part of the community as will Choco. Chocolateya has been made an advisor and will still be around. With this, I will be taking over managing the Forums so any problems please ask my staff if they can help before me specifically DerpyolFlash. Head of Development as of right now is inactive, it will either be removed, vacant, or made into a new department. Head of TerrorTown will remain vacant until a vote is held. For right now Dev-Senpai is leading the department. Admins+ can apply and will be voted on. Once I again I would like to thank both Chocolateya and Chase for being a great help to the community and helping us move forward!!!
  6. Dem0nk1ller5

    TTT Server Update

    TTT Server Update As of 3/11/19, the TTT server has had 2 new things added to the server. TFA Weapons These weapons add much more to the server and help make us more unique. The default inspect key is set to "i" You can change this by typing in the console "bind t(this can be any key you want) tfa_menu" For example bind g inspect binds g to you become your new inspection menu key A reminder that many weapons still need to go through some testing so some may be unbalanced. If you find a weapon you feel is unbalanced please post it in the Trouble In Terrorist Town Server Discussion section. All VIP weapons are only cosmetic they are identical to their normal counterparts. For Example, The M4A1 Flash is the exact same as the M4A1 Tan and M4A1 except for the attachment of a sight which is shares with the M4A1 Tan. This also means new melee weapons which include knives and heavier weapons such as a crowbar and a wrench This means KNIVES ARE NOT KOSABLE ANYMORE. There are two categories of melee weapons Heavy This includes items such as the wrench, harpoon, crowbar, and toy hammer, along with some others. These do higher damage than the knives but also swing slower. Knives These swing fast but do somewhat less damage than their heavier counterparts. The Harpoon has been fixed and improved It now shows that you were killed by a harpoon and who killed you It does not leave DNA It does a guaranteed 100 damage and that damage increases based on the speed of the harpoon With these done though Point Shop has also been wiped. If you have donated please DM me, Chocolateya, or Dev-Senpai for your points back THIS ONLY APPLIES TO DONATOR POINTS VIP will get 5000 points MVP will get 10000 points Frost will get 15000 points You will sadly not get any of the items back that you have previously purchased so do not ask for them back This is all that has been updated for right now I hope you enjoy the new changes and I would like to give my thanks to everyone that helped bring these changes about. But a very special thanks goes to Derpyolflash and lukerrose. lukerrose is the very reason that TFA was made possible and designed the PointShop 2 menu for them. Derpyolflash helped me balance the weapons and gave thoughtful insight on how they should be handled. So please give them your thanks if you enjoy the new TFA guns.
  7. Dem0nk1ller5

    Forums Meeting 2/23/19

    2/23/19 Forums Staff Meeting Attendance: Host: Dem0nk1ller5 BIGmac Derpyolflash Applications Denied Changes Forums staff now have permission to put Pending, Accepted, and Denied on all applications. Forums Rules have been updated thanks to Z'Rat, Ehspresso, and Dem0nk1ller5
  8. Dem0nk1ller5

    Database Breach

    Dear Community, As some of you may have heard, Santos and his roommate cortex gained access to our databases. First and foremost I want it to be known that NO ACTIVE PERSONAL INFORMATION was stolen/gained from their attack, just some database files. Second, under NO CIRCUSTANCES, is anyone to make contact with them. Their color has been shown in tonight's events, they no longer care about this community or its members. Third, if anyone wishes to talk to Dev about any of these events he will be available for the next hour or so in a VC, or you can DM Dev and he will answer any questions to the best of his knowledge. I want to apologize for any inconveniences or stress this may have placed on you all, and I can promise you if they make another attempt to attack you guys there will be retribution, be it legal or personal. Thank you all for reading this and if you have any questions please ask Dev as he is available for any questions!!!
  9. Dem0nk1ller5

    Weapon Suggestions

    I figured I would start this out so we could roll in some suggestions. Post anything relating to M9K weapon buffs or nerfs to new weapons for T's or D's or everyone. So please suggest stuff the most common one I seem to get is buff the assault rifles so what are your guy's opinions on the weapons? What needs to be fixed or added? Please suggest anything weapon related!!!
  10. Dem0nk1ller5

    TTT Frosty Update

    So there have been a LOT of new things on the TTT server from gun changes to player models to donator stuff. So here are all the changes that have been made: Player Models have been added to both the VIP and Normal shop Crates and Drops have been added to the TTT server as well so maybe you will win some unexpected drops coming soon!!! MVP, VIP, and Frost have all been changed and well Frost has been added. Frost- Wardrobe, Loadout, 15000 Donator Points, Access to Donator Chat on Discord and a 3.2 multipler on points in TTT. Costs 30 dollars. MVP- Vip Point Shop, Loadout, 10000 Donator Points, Access to Donator Chat on Discord and a 2.5 multipler on points in TTT. Costs 20 dollars. VIP- VIP Point Shop, Loadout, 5000 Donator Points, Access to Donator Chat on Discord, 2.2 multiplier on the points in TTT. Costs 10 dollars. ALL FORMER VIPS AND MVPS GET A DISCOUNT ON UPGRADES That means MVPs pay 5 dollars for Frost and VIPs pay 5 dollars for MVP. Weapon Changes There have been a lot so here is the full changelog on them. Satan- RPM Down, Delay Up, Accuracy Increased, Recoil Increased Python- Damage Decreased, Rate of Fire Decreased Deagle- Damage Increased, Rate of Fire Increased BY VERY LITTLE, ADS Accuracy Increased Accuracy decreased by very little Model 3 Russian- Damage Increased, Rate of Fire Decreased, Accuracy Decreased Model 627- Rate of Fire Increased, Accuracy Decreased Raging Bull Scoped- Iron Accuracy Increased, Blind Fire Accuracy Decreased, Rate of Fire Decreased Recoil Increased Raging Bull- Iron Accuracy Increased, Blind Fire Accuracy Decreased, Rate of Fire Decreased MP7- Fire Rate Decreased, Bullet Spread Increased AKA Less Accurate, Iron Sight Accuracy Increased? Remington7615p- Turned into a rifle like its real-world equivalent Browning 5- Rate of Fire Decreased, Accuracy lowered, Recoil increased, Damage Lowered Remington 1858- Headshot multipler decreased, fire rate increased, damage decreased MP9- Accuracy Decreased, Turned into a Secondary M16A4 ACOG- ADS Accuracy Increased? Spas 12- Lower Damage Bizon- Rounds increased max and in clip, accuracy nerfed, damage decreased The Head of PR has now opened staff applications so feel free to apply to help her out!!!
  11. Dem0nk1ller5

    Forums Release Giveaway

    Due to recent changes, the giveaway is getting more and better prizes!!!! MVP is now Frost and VIPs have turned to MVPs so now is your chance!!!! Also there may be VIP added on there as well so I suggest you go for it now!!!
  12. Can I get 1 will to live please?

  13. Dem0nk1ller5

    Forums Release Giveaway

  14. Dem0nk1ller5

    1/20/2019 Staff Meeting Changelog

    1/20/2019 Staff Meeting Changelog THERE IS IMPORTANT THINGS DISCUSSED I RECOMMEND YOU READ THEM!!! ALL OF THEM -The first thing, a new donator rank is being added all MVPs on the Discord Server will get it for free and all VIPs will be moved to MVP. The new donator rank will cost 30 dollars if any former MVP joins the discord between now and Wednesday you will also get it for free. Any MVP will get it for 5 dollars from then on and any VIP can upgrade to MVP or Frostbite/the new donator rank for the price difference that you bought VIP or MVP for, so VIPs will pay 10 for Frostbite and MVPs will pay 5, VIPs can, however, pay 5 for MVP. -ALSO if you have made your account with Steam PLEASE add a password and email to your account because it will make everything easier on all of us, look in the help chat to see the resolution on how to do that. -Head of Forums is no longer but the new Head of Development has been added which is led by Chase88 so welcome Chase to the Department Heads!!! -Also please join our new steam group it is on the Forums!!! -Community Coordinator has been renamed to Head of Staff to make it more understandable what the role does and what it is. -Server suggestions will be looked at and a Forums post should be posted soon on the new servers we could branch off into. -M9K weapons are still going through rebalancing if you feel one is OP please DM me, Dev, or Chocolateya and it will be looked at. IMPORTANT!!! -If you guys were on the old Frosty's Discord(which we discourage you from staying in) you may have seen a message regarding Jason attacking me. This is probably due to me pushing for his demotion and I will make this clear. EVERY HEAD KNEW of his inactivity and all said he should be demoted. When the Sadmin meeting happened, Me, Skullcrushr9, Dev, MooMooTree13, and lukerrose all said yes to his demotion for inactivity it was a unanimous decision for his demotion. -All rules and applications will be getting overhauled or changed or fixed in some way. -Frosty's morals are also going to be reevaluated to what we think we should be known for and what we should follow. IMPORTANT!!! -Now for the probably most important topic, if you were on the Discord the day of this posting you might have seen the message Santos posted. It said, "This is truthfully a disgrace." The order by Dev was to treat Santos with respect should he join, yet he came into the community and insulted us which we would leave alone. However, he has threatened the server to multiple staff, insulted our work as a group, and attacked multiple of us and he will no longer be accepted into the community. He is to be banned on every platform. If you have any questions do not be afraid to DM me OR Wolf and one of us will talk about it. There is a full open communication to this issue as it is a MAJOR one. PROMOTIONS Bee Private Umbreon Night_Star Esspresso Just One...