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  1. D.A.C

    Prop Hunt ChangeLog #1

    PropHunt Recent Update (5/23/2019) Server Configuration Updates: Prop Jump Height increased to 2.5. (was 1.4) Gravity was changed from 600 to 400. Prop Auto-Taunt delay increased from 45 sec to 60 seconds. Prop-HotSwap (f8 menu) allotted number of changes increased from 3 to 6. Voice Indicator Disabled. Voice Chat on PH should no longer be team only sometimes. (Uncommon glitch where only team could hear themselves.) Server Name changed to feature wardrobe/custom models and low-gravity. Map Changes: ph_littlegarden removed because the map was removed from the workshop and would not download. Looking at more maps! Leave Suggestions either here on the forums or in the #suggestions chat in discord. Please provide a link to the map you want added.
  2. Dont act like a child if you dont wanna be treated like one

  3. D.A.C

    3/23/2019 TTT Staff Meeting

    3/23/2019 TTT Staff Meeting Changelog Attendance: Host Chocolateya Dev (Late and left early) Dem0n NightWolf Void SkullCrushr9 Lukerrose Z'Rat Ranger Bee Derpyolflash Mr.Grape Night Star Serial Pancake Changes Chase88 and Chocolateya have resigned. The Head of Development position will be removed. The Head of Terror-town will be vacant for the moment. The position will be open for applications by Admin and above. More details soon! Applications Accepted
  4. 3/17/2019 Scavenger Staff Meeting Changelog Attendance: Host Z'Rat Dem0n Ranger Derpyolflash Changes Scavenger Hunt will be postponed for month! Applications Denied
  5. D.A.C

    2/18/2019 TTT Staff Meeting

    2/18/2019 TTT Staff Meeting Changelog Attendance: Host Chocolateya Lucifer Dem0n NightWolf Chase88 SkullCrushr9 Lukerrose (In chat) Z'Rat Bigmac p0sition Ranger BalionGames (Late) Bee Mr.Grape Night Star Alex (Pablo) Derpyolflash Zombies Changes Spectator Death-Match is being looked into and maybe be added in the near future! M9K may be removed in favor of TFA (We will discuss this further with the community)! T-Mod will be added as a new rank in between Moderator and Helper. Helper's permissions will be reduced to compensate this new role being added. Admin and Moderators requirements have been changed. Applications Accepted Denied
  6. D.A.C

    Weapon Suggestions

    Just One or p0sition posted the lua for adding damage drop off for weapons in discord under #suggestions if you want to take a look. I and some others just feel as though shotguns should not do full pellet damage at range (like a pellet hitting for 11 from across the map assuming only 1 pellet was benefited by the spread). Maybe smgs and others, but the general idea is to allow weapons besides like snipers to do less damage at range.
  7. D.A.C

    Forums Release Giveaway