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    lukerrose's awesome app

    Oh and I didn't mention but obviously I love TTT
  2. Your Name: Luke Your Nickname(s): lukerrose Your SteamID: The same ID that is on this account lol Your Age: 16+ Your In-Game Server Hours: More than 3 weeks Time Zone: British Timezone If you have any past experiences as a staff member, please state so with potential references: Yeah... with you guys At what times are you mostly active on the server?: During the day Are you a donator?: Of time and code yes, with actual money well no How experienced are you with staffing? Spent lots of time as super admin Do you use/have a microphone?: I think so What are your motivations for joining the staff team?: Z'Rat said it would be fun How have you helped the community so far? (Have you reported players? Have you taught newbies rules?): I mean other than code addons and some of the web pages and staff it for awhile not really Why should we choose you? (What are you good at? What are you the most efficient at?): I'm pretty cool? What are your hobbies, interests and how do you like spending your time?: If you haven't guessed coding by now then that's pretty bad Do you have any additional comments?: #LoveLuke #LukeIsAlwaysRightSociety #LukeForSuperAdminAgain
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    Forums Release Giveaway

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game
  4. Attendance Host: Dem0n Dev-Senpai (Joined Late) MooMooTree13 St. Wolfish SkullCrushr9 lukerrose Rejenald Unknown BIGmac Ranger BalionGames Ehspresso Serial Pancake Just One... (Joined Late) Zombies (Joined Late) Bee Derpy Private Umbreon BrodiniGotMagic Baka (Joined Late) LeafJesus ynnaddanny Changes that have happened: Dem0n is our new Co-Owner. A new discord server was made due to ownership problems (caused by Santos). We are welcoming two old members of frosty's back to the family (Derpy & Zombies). Retired Administration role was removed as it had no use. Only head of departments and higher will have offices now. Santos is always welcomed here as a member of the community. We Appreciate all of you guys!
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    Forums Release Giveaway

    Give me that MVP Boys! STEAM_0:0:63931366
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    Whats up my dudes

    I think it's about time
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    First! (Again)^2

    I wanted to be the first and you stole that from me and that is unforgivable sir