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  1. SkullCrushr9

    Discord Staff Meeting 3/9/19

    Discord Staff Meeting Host: SkullCrushr9 Attendance: Rejanald Void Zombies St. Wolfish New Additions: We have added 2 new Discord chats: #story-time and #emojis. #story-time is where you can share some of your best stories. #emojis is where you can post images/gifs that you want to become emojis.
  2. SkullCrushr9

    Discord Ban Appeal Format

    You must follow this format. Any appeals made that do not use this format will instantly be denied. Format: Reason you got banned: Discord Tag (Ex. SkullCrushr9#9400): Please give a brief overview of why you should be unbanned: Do you have any ScreenShots, images, or some form of hard evidence to back up your point?
  3. SkullCrushr9

    Forums Release Giveaway

    SSeán I gotchu 76561198302207811
  4. SkullCrushr9

    First! (Again)^2

    If I were to "accidentally" delete this post and post again would I get the award?