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Discord mute

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Discord tag: ynnaddanny#5546 

I was muted at 7:41 pm on Wednesday, March 20, 2019, for "a racial meme" that included a pokemon ball the bottom half was a watermelon rine and the top watermelon and the caption read "When you chacha dark pokemon". Now that you understand why I had been muted I can explain my case on when I should have the mute 7day lifted/reduced. when I did learn I was about to face punishment for my post I joined a voice chat with (Wolfish#5247), (The Flash 2.0#0424)and one other person that I cannot recall the name of. when I connected to the voice chat I was very polite and formal about what happened I learned that (The Flash 2.0#0424) was the one in charge of my case. He had informed me that I will be muted for 7day due to my past warnings. I'm also an active member of this community and would like to be able to connect with the member's of frosty's in the discord and I hope that the maturity that was showed will give me a lenient in the long run. I hope to learn from this and carry it on to the future.

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I recall sending you the proper format. 
Here it is again.

Reason you got muted:

Discord Tag:

Please give a brief overview of why you should be unmuted:

Do you have any ScreenShots, images, or some form of hard evidence to back up your point?

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