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Private Umbreon

Private Umbreons helper app

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Your Name: Private Umbreon

Your Nickname(s): Umbreon, Private

Your SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:75039328

Your Age: 17

Your In-Game Server Hours: 1140+

Time Zone: EST

If you have any past experiences as a staff member, please state so with potential references: Yes, frosty gamers, three times, 700+ hours of experience.

At what times are you mostly active on the server?: any time but mostly night

Are you a donator?: yes

How experienced are you with the Terrortown gamemode? (Hours spent on gamemode / general knowledge of this one): 1000+ Hours of Frosty Gamers, Top of the leaderboard, Prob a bit under par on this one tho, I have literally been playing frosty's longer than the owner. 

Do you use/have a microphone?: Yes

What are your motivations for joining the staff team?: Tired of being demoted for questionable reasons. I also like to help with the server often. And to be honest, because my karma needs to be reset so often when other staff aren't on. I'm also tired of having to call a staff late at night.

How have you helped the community so far? (Have you reported players? Have you taught newbies rules?): 700+ hours of staffing, Taught many newbies rules. Have reported players only once, but have banned many on the server. I have Given the steam ID's of people to extend ban on several times. Have stayed with the community for two years. 

Why should we choose you? (What are you good at? What are you the most efficient at?): I am on a lot, I am usually able to get on and quite enjoy helping others. I always make sure to reset karma often so it doesn't cause people to lose rounds. I find a lot of bugs in maps and weapons. I start up the server a lot as well and would really like staff powers for when a group of randoms join and try to troll me, so I dont have to just repeatedly kill them while I wait for a staff member.

What are your hobbies, interests and how do you like spending your time?: TTT is love TTT is life, I also play TF2. I enjoy playing terraria as well as ARK.

Do you have any additional comments?: Well, Determination is key

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He has helped me a lot.

Hope you get staff ❤️ 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.