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Terrortown Update/Reversion 10-09-2019

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TTT Update kinda


Effective October 10, 2019 the Frosty TTT server has been mostly reverted to a semi vanilla state in the hopes it can be reworked to a version everyone can agree on. So to hopefully attain that the following changes have been made:


  1. All aspects of TFA have been removed.
  2. Hit Numbers has also been removed.
  3. A number of maps have been remove: Airbus, Borders, Canyon, Lumbridge, Mythic, MC City Light, Parking Alley, Slender, Space Station, Trappy Cottage, Lost Temple, Amsterville, Terrortown, MC Sky Islands.
  4. Two maps have been added: Rats Kitchen & Terraria.


With these changes in mind I will be looking forward to either more addon suggestions or more revisions that you all want to see.

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