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Your Name: Sean H

Your Nickname(s): Night)O(Wolf, Frost)O(Wolf, Night)O(Owl, etc.

Your SteamID: steam_0:1:174227409

Your Age: 26

Your In-Game Server Hours: 2,000+

Time Zone: Eastern Standard (US-East)

If you have any past experiences as a staff member, please state so with potential references: Helper, S-Admin, Head of TTT, Developer, Forums Admin, etc.

At what times are you mostly active on the server?: I haven't been, but my interest has rekindled, I will be appearing a lot more.

Are you a donator?: No, I am not, but shortly I will be. It is about time I backed Frosted Works.

How experienced are you with staffing?: Extremely, though now with a more level temperament.

Do you use/have a microphone?: Yes, I use a microphone consistently

What are your motivations for joining the staff team?: The same as they have been. I want to see the new Frosty's succeed, and move forward into the business it should have been.

How have you helped the community so far? (Have you reported players? Have you taught newbies rules?): Absolutely, and I still do.

Why should we choose you? (What are you good at? What are you the most efficient at?): I am extremely adaptable. Regardless of task. I am an excellent mentor and excel at most given tasks.

What are your hobbies, interests and how do you like spending your time?: These days I read, I work full time, I am planning/coding a game of my own, as well as a few other trivial interests, language and dialect training.

Do you have any additional comments?: You know what I am capable of providing for Frosty's. I leave past discretion's against me where they belong, behind me and forgotten. I "worked" at Frosty's and gave it everything, including my time and expertise over a wide range of topics and problems. I am prepared to do so again. I am capable, and honestly miss the community. I can't simply sit on the sidelines.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.