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TTT Server Rules

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Frosty Gamers

 Trouble In Terrorist Town Rules

Please take some time to read the MOTD if this is your first time on the server. If you are new to TTT, press F1 on your keyboard after you have finished reading the MOTD. By closing this menu, you automatically agree that you have read the MOTD and understand how to properly play TTT. The server is under constant development, meaning certain rules will be enforced by staff that are not present in the MOTD. Talk to any present staff if you have a question involving the server. 

 Frosty Gamers is Pleased To Have Adopted a Zero-Tolerance Policy Towards Bullying, to Help Us Achieve Our Goal of Having a Safe and Fun Environment For All Who Play Here. Staff Will Utilize Their Own Discretion Depending on Severity

Basic Rules

For more clarification, check below.

1: Do Not RDM. (Random deathmatch, Randomly killing players without reason)

2: No Harassment, Bullying, or Trolling.

3: No Spamming Chat or Mic-Spamming.

4: No Ghosting. (Communicating in-game information outside of the game)

5: False RDM Reports.

6: NSFW/Offensive Sprays.

7: Specific Map Rules. (Check below for more info)

8: Delaying, Camping, AFKing.

9: Cheating/Exploiting/Hacking.

10: Overtime or High-Sus Abuse.

11: Player Name.

12: No Bounties.

13: Shop knives are NOT Kosable, Traitor knife is still kosable.

Clarifications/Punishments/Additional Rules:

1: RDM

  • Killing someone for a reason not specified as valid/KOSable in the MOTD is punishable. Please note that all RDM will be punished if a valid report is filed by the victim. RDM x 1 = 1 Slay. Multiple RDMs = 1 Additional Slay per RDM. Depending on the severity, this can lead to week-long bans all the way up to permanent bans.
  • RDM & Leave - RDM & Leave punishments occur if a user kills a teammate and leaves before the staff can handle the report/receive the report/add slays, or if the player leaves the server before serving their assigned slays. RDM x 1 & Leave = Week Ban. RDM x 2 & Leave = 2 Week ban. RDM x 3 (or more) & Leave = Permanent Ban for Mass RDM. Depending on the amount of RDM's, a week is added in every offense.
  • Attempted RDM - Attempting to kill or partially damage someone without reason. Punishments may vary depending on the severity and will be left up to staff discretion. 
  • False KOS - KOSing someone for a reason not specified as valid or KOSable. This includes bounties. Punishments will be the same as RDM
  • DO NOT KILL AFKS! This follows the same punishment as RDM.
  • RDM Trains- When one RDM leads to a series of RDMs. (Inno killing an Inno for killing an Inno for kill...). All or none of the RDMs may be punished by staff. This depends on the severity and is up to staff discretion.

2). Trolling/Bullying/Harassment

We are a fun and friendly community, where people are welcome to enjoy themselves. The staff is not going to shut you down if you poke fun with friends, but there is a low tolerance for users constantly attacking others. Punishments will vary depending on the specific actions. Slurs in either mic or in chat will result in a mute/gag. Repeated usage of slurs will result in bans. Staff members are to use common sense and discretion when dealing with slurs and toxicity. Do not argue if something is a slur or offensive. Repeated offenses will result in a permagag/mute. 

3). Spam

Abusing audio or text channels of communication. Mic spam will result in a “Gag”, and chat spam will result in a “Mute”. Mic/Chat spam x 1 = Warning. Mic/Chat spam x 2 = Gag/Mute while warned again. Mic/Chat spam x 3 = Gagged/Muted until the end of the round. Further instances will result in varying amounts of bans, depending on severity.

4). Ghosting

The use of third-party communications to convey any in-game information. This includes the discord ttt chat! A rule of thumb is: if it is related to the current game, say it in game.

5). Reporting Violations

The “Reporting” feature of the server allows users to directly accuse someone of RDM. Friendly and non-malicious joke reports will be allowed from time to time, depending on how crowded the server is. Constant/malicious false reports, however, are not allowed. False report x 1 = Warning. False Report x 2 = Kick. False report x 3 = Day ban.

6). Sprays

Sprays are external images that you can post in game. Certain images are not allowed. Pornographic Material (Any breasts, butts or genitalia at all): X 1 = Warning. X 2 = Kick. x 3 Day Ban. Intentionally Racist/Derogatory/Homophobic/Hateful Material: X 1 = Warning. X 2 = Kick. x 3 Day Ban. Gory/Violent/Disturbing Material: X 1 = Warning. X 2 = Kick. x 3 Day Ban.

7). Specific Map Rules

  • Turning off the lights in ttt_clue is NOT KOSable. Can’t stress this enough.
  • Using the mines on ttt_whitehouse is a form of trolling and griefing. Any deaths resulted in the mines will be dealt with as RDM and continued use of the mines will be treated as trolling
  • The T-room on ttt_filmstudio, is accessible to Innocents
  • Breaking of the T tester is KOSable during round. Continuation of breaking the T tester during pre-round will result in punishment by staff as it is a form of trolling.
  • Do not abuse harpoons (IE no wallpooning). Harpoons can travel through walls on certain maps. Camping in the T room and waiting to poon someone will be treated as camping. Constant abuse of the Wall-poon may result in a kick by discretion of staff.
  • Do not abuse gas and c4 on small maps (Clue and night trap are prime examples). Like the Wall-poon rule, You may be kicked for abusing gas and c4 on small maps by discretion of staff.

8). Delaying/Camping/AFKing

A player who is caught camping will be slain after a warning. Camping examples are:

  • Abusing the safety of T rooms, Spam locking doors, guarding passage ways (like the entrance of the nether on Minecraft). 
  • Users who are AFK (Away From Keyboard) will either be manually force spectated in overtime by a staff member or will be automatically force spectated.
  • Delaying will be punished in the same way as camping is. Delaying examples are: Not killing anyone for prolonged periods of time (unless you are unable to, such as being stuck or unable to find people or being in the same room for a minute or more).

9). Cheating/Exploiting/Hacking

Exploits are in-game actions that are punished less severely than cheating. Exploit x 1 = Warning. Exploit x 2 = 1 Slay.

  • Prop surfing is allowed UNLESS it affects the outcome of the game. After that it is treated as a normal exploit. If you don't think you should be allowed there, don't prop surf there.
  • In the case that Cake Anti-Cheat does not detect a hacker, they will be given a manual permanent ban by staff.

10). Traitor Baiting

Traitor Baiting is baiting someone into KOSing you. Doing traitorous acts on purpose to be KOSed and killing everyone who acts off of that KOS. Punishments are up to staff discretion. T-baiting resulting in an RDM will be punished as an RDM. Rule of thumb: if you are an inno, play as an inno. Don't instigate. If someone is T-baiting, you may give them 3 reasonably clear and concise warnings before KOSing them.

Here are examples of T baiting:

  • Shooting near/around other players without a reason
  • Running towards players with exploding objects. (This includes turtle mines and white house mines)
  • Shooting at a target unapparent to nearby players without properly stating your reason (This is different from shooting near players)
  • Claiming to be proven without valid reason

11). Overtime Abuse

High Sus is KOSable in overtime. If you abuse the use of high Sus, and it results in a wrongful RDM, you can be punished with the same punishments that comes with RDM or false KOS. See valid reasons for high Sus below.

12). Names

We are a majority English server. Names must be easy to read and call out. Names must be unique and distinguishable from each other.

Do not change your name to match other players. Names can't contain anything you can't say in chat or anything that would cause someone to not call it out.

13). Rules Regarding KOS

This is a list to provide context to what is you can KOS (Kill on Sight) somebody for and what you can’t. Do not report somebody for killing you if you were doing any of these actions listed.

  • If the detectives are RDMing, then you may kill them. Due to the add-on of a advanced disguiser. They may be a traitor in disguise as a detective killing innocents. If you kill an RDMing detective it's not KOSable. Instead it's High Sus worthy.
  • KOSing a player who turned out to be innocent. (Unless they were doing a KOSable action. Make sure to specify what action they are doing and why you are KOSing them if you want to avoid getting KOSd yourself. If you think the player is a traitor, then you can high Sus them.)
  • Randomly dealing damage to another player or randomly killing an innocent player.
  • Being in the direct vicinity of an UnIDed body without IDing it. This includes passing by an UnIDed body, and carrying an UnIDed body.  The player must be given a reasonable amount of time and opportunity to ID the body before being KOSd.
  • Using a T-Weapon. (If the player is a proven innocent and stated clearly that they received a t weapon from killing a T, This is NOT KOSable. However, if an accidental death results of using the T weapon [running around with a knife/harpoon/jihad and getting blown away by unsuspecting people around a corner] we do NOT treat this as RDM. It is only natural to instinctively shoot when someone approaches you with a knife.) This includes using a Teleporter, Decoy, Radio, etc.)
  • Being in a T-Room. (It’s considered traitorous. Which means it’s an act that a traitor may do. Regardless of being proven or not, going into the T-Room is KOSable.)
  • Prop Killing/Damaging or using the environment to kill people. This includes explosive barrels. Pushing someone with a prop, when not near an edge, is NOT kosable.
  • Destroying or hiding crucial map objectives (Such as the diamond or gold blocks on b5) or Detective items (such as Health Stations)..
  • Pushing someone off a high ledge that could deal damage. Just pushing someone is not KOSable. If you are near a ledge but did not fall off, then it is considered T-baiting. 

Things the Detective can KOS for after 3 Clear and Concise Warnings: 

  • Preventing or denying the detective from acquiring DNA. A detective can, if they so wish, prevent players from using the health station after 3 warnings IF the following criteria are met: The person is high sus for a valid reason, and they are not using this to target specific players. Any targeting of specific players will be treated as bullying/harassment and will be punished. 

Things anyone can KOS for after 3 Clear and Concise Warnings: 

  • Closely following a player. Door blocking. T-Baiting.

If a player consents to being killed, the killer IS NOT KOSABLE. This includes 1v1s.

When you are KOSed you are allowed to kill the initial KOSer and anybody who attempts to kill you. Just being KOSed doesn't give you the right to kill everybody else you see.

Proven players can be KOSd is preforming a KOSable action.

14). Highly Sus Actions. These actions are KOSable during OT

This is a list to provide context to what is you can High Sus on. You must call the high Sus for it to be KOSable in overtime. Example: immediately killing a player for not testing in OT. You must call the high Sus prior to the KOSing.

  • Refusing to get into the Traitor Tester
  • A player calling false high Sus 
  • Not responding to live checks.
  • These are just examples of high Sus, there are many more reasons.

15). Being Proven.

Being proven means it is with great likelihood that you are innocent. Situations where the majority of the server is proven, the process of elimination is allowed to be used to eliminate the remaining traitors. an example is: 4 people left, one of them is a T, and 3 of them are proven. They are allowed to kill the last person not proven.

Example ways of becoming proven are:

  • Killing a T
  • Testing
  • Contract
  • Calling first KOS on T

Becoming proven removes any previous high sus that player had.

If you are damaged by a T, this does not explicitly prove you. Traitors may damage other traitors in crossfire accidentally.

Keep in mind, proven players can be KOS'd if they are committing KOSable actions. 

Keep in mind, traitors can become proven as well with some traitor trickery.

16). Claiming Areas / Rooms

You are not allowed to claim areas. You are also not allowed to KOS areas (e.g. "The T is in the lighthouse, kill whoever is up there"). KOSes that result from this will be counted as RDM and will be dealt with accordingly.

17). Misc. Rules

For those with wardrobe access, only use skins that have the same hitbox and body ratio of basic Half-Life 2 skins. If you are unsure if your model meets this requirement, open the wardrobe options menu and enable/disable it to see if your height changes (!3p might help).

When shooting an explosive barrel you must announce you are doing so and give a 5 second count down to when you shoot. You may shoot an explosive barrel without warning however if it damages/kills anyone It can be seen as RDM but it up to staff discretion

If you have been brain parasited, your gun will fire in intervals until your death. You may accidentally shoot someone during the first few intervals, but any intentional aiming at people whilst brain parasited to shoot someone and get away with it under the guise of it being against your doing will be treated as RDM. 

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