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Discord Server Rules

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General Discord Rules

1). No Malicious disrespect. Joking around with friends is fine, being mean and insulting to someone when they do not consent is not.

2). No Slurs of any kind (Slur- An insult that targets a certain group).

3). No Advertising. Sharing YouTube links and article links are fine.

4). No direct inappropriate content, IE Porn and Gore (censored or not).

5). Do not use this discord to ghost when on any FG Server.

6). Flaming or spamming is not allowed it's not going to get you anywhere.

7). Everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether you think it is correct or not, do not try to censor it in any shape or form. 

8). Any threats made to our player-base/server that could compromise well being/ security will be met with maximum punishment WITHOUT QUESTION. So watch what you say, joking or not.

Rules Regarding Names:

9). STAFF ONLY: Whenever you want to change your name, keep the previous name in parenthesis for a week or two while everyone gets adjusted to your new name. (Do not overuse name changes; Must also be done via forums)

10.) Names CANNOT contain profanity, and must be type-able with a standard English keyboard.

Channel Specific Rules:

11). Music- Please keep "real music" in the music channel please, having a laugh or two with friends is fine, but please keep it PG. (This includes keeping the bot in the music channel.)

12.) Memes- Any memes posted in #memes MUST NOT contain any racism, sexism, abuse etc. Its all fun and games until you offend someone.

13.) Debate/Discussion-  This channel is now open to any topic, however we do request you be mature and respectful while you discuss a topic. (We will shut it down if it get out of hand).

14). All Channels- Please try and keep each channel to their respective topics, we understand the occasional tangent, but don't make it a constant issue.

Misc. Rules:

15). Use common sense. 

16). Roles WILL NOT be assigned on discord unless necessary, you MUST link all of your accounts on the forums.

17). Please use reactions accordingly, posting middle finger/ eggplants on important news/announcement posts is immature.

"What happens if I break the rules?"

First Offense: Verbal Warning.

Second Offense: Server Warning.

Third Offense: One Day Mute.

Fourth Offense: One Day Ban.

Fifth Offense: Three Day Ban.

Sixth Offense: SuperAdmin+ Discretion.

NOTE: These are guidelines, they may not be exactly follow depending on the severity of the situation. Any major threat will be dealt with by the SuperAdmins, and could lead to a permanent ban/demotion from the FG community.(edited)
SIDE NOTE: Regarding LoA's There is a proper procedure on forums, so please look at it whenever it is relevant for you.




I fully expect everyone to follow the all the rules at all times, including staff. Staff are also to be held at a higher standard as we represent the community, so please act accordingly. 

If there is ever an issue on the discord do not try to handle it yourself, ping @Discord Staff and we will handle it.

I do not expect you to have a 100% positive attitude on the discord, but I do expect you to behave yourself and not act a fool.

What Discord Staff say is final, do not argue with them, if you feel there is truly an issue you can talk to me (or current Head of Discord).

Any attempt to circumvent punishment will result in an extension or a permanent ban.




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