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Forums Rules and Guidelines

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Frosty Gamers Forums

Guidelines & Regulations

Made by: Dem0nk1ller5, Z'Rat, and Ehspresso

The purpose of this document is to inform our main and basic guidelines for our members after they have been registered. In these guidelines, we will be sharing sub-forum specific rules and the appropriate use for each one of them. We will also address the way in which we will with the appropriate measures deal with a violation of our rules and terms accordingly.

Profile Rules

Pictures should not show any pornographic material, disrespect, gore, etc.

Names must be appropriate and follow Discord Rules.

Emails must also be appropriate and must not contain anything inappropriate.

Announcements & Information

Rules & guidelines: Here you will find the rules & guidelines for every sub-server in the Frosty Gamers community. Nobody may post in this section except for The Head Admin and The Director of Servers and the Owner/Co-Owner.

Announcements: Here you will find all the announcements made to the Frosty Gamers community, announcements will typically be related to giveaways, events, and important updates related to the community. The only people able to post in announcements are Super-Admins, The Head Admin, The Director of Servers and the Owner/Co-Owners.

Changelogs: The changelogs section shows all changes that have been made on either, discord, forums or a Frosty sub-servers. Changelogs are posted by Admins+.

General Discussion

Introductions / Farewells: Here we will find people introducing themselves as well as people saying their final goodbyes to the community or staff resignations. Anyone may post here.

Off topic: The Off-Topic section is to be used for any discussion that doesn't have to do with the Frosty’s or any of Frosty’s sub-servers. Anyone may post here.

Scavenger Hunts: Scavenger hunts are cryptic games where you have to find a certain endpoint and you may be rewarded with a prize. Anyone may reply to topics. But only people on the Scavenger hunts team may start topics.

Report players & Staff: This section is to report either players or staff for abuse or toxicity on any of Frosty’s sub-servers. These reports have to follow the templates and should have evidence (I.e recordings, videos, images, etc.) DO NOT post on a report that you are not involved in. Also, make sure the comments posted are relevant to the post.

Server Discussion

Website: This is where you can talk about the website as well as make suggestions for it.

Trouble in Terrortown: This is where you can discuss suggestions made about the Frosty Terrortown server.

Discord: This is where you can discuss suggestions made about the Frosty Discord server.

BugsBug comments and posts must be appropriate and pertain to the bug, any offside comments will result in a warning.

Application Zone

Application Progress: You can discuss staff applications in PENDING but will not be able to discuss the applications once they have been decided on.

Applications: Here, you will be able to post staff applications for Frosty’s Terrortown server. Make sure they are relevant to the post, joking is okay, just make sure you still provide insight into the applicant.

Appeal Zone

Appeal Progress: Do not post in this section unless you were banned, or part of the reason a person was banned. Must ask a Super-Admin+ to comment on a report unless you were directly involved in it.

Ban Appeal: If you were banned from either, discord or a Frosty server, your ban appeals will go here. Do not post in this section unless you were banned.

Mute appeal: If you were muted in the Frosty discord server you can appeal it here. Do not post in this section unless you were muted.


Ranks are synced across all of Frosty’s Platforms. That means if you have VIP on forums it will give you VIP on Discord and every one of our platforms as long as you sync your accounts. To sync you click on your name and go to account settings and there are sections titled steam integration and discord account. In there you will find an easy way to put your account info in and it will link your accounts all platforms if done correctly.

Warnings System

The forums have a set of rules to follow with punishments here are the punishments and the essential rules to the forums. But every Discord rule that can apply on forums does apply IE: Rule 3, Rule 4, and so on. So please read over the Discord Rules as well as the special examples that apply here:

  • Spamming (1 warning points) = irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to a large number of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc.
  • Disrespect (2 warning points) = show a lack of respect for; insult.
  • Rule Violation (1 warning point) = Content that violates Frosty Forums rules.
  • Harassment (2 warning points) = unwelcome and inappropriate verbal conduct, or coercive behavior, where the behavior is known or reasonably ought. to be known to be unwanted.
  • Constant Topic Bumping (1 warning point) = in online forums and other online discussion spaces bump is the word used to describe an action (e.g. a message post) so that a particular thread is returned to the top in the list of threads.

Actions for warning points:

  • 3 points = Content moderated for 30 days
  • 5 points = Content moderated for 60 days, restricted from posting for 30 days
  • 8 points = Content moderated for 28 days, restricted from posting for 14 days, banned for 7 days
  • 9 points = Banned for 30 days
  • 10 points = Banned for 60 days
  • 12 points = Permanently banned

You have any issues with a warning you have received feel free to message a Super Admin, The Director of Servers, or a Co-Owner. Preferably working up the chain.

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